Jedi Temple Guard

This amazing cosplay from the Star Wars universe reproduces in great details the iconic uniform of the Jedi Temple Guard, the branch of the Jedi Order that was in charge of the security of the Jedi Temple on the capital planet Coruscant. Made from many layers of swede-like fabric with pale and darker sand colors, the set also includes a linen tunic underneath. The upper layer also display some golden embroideries to echo the gold present on the mask, and provide the perfect base for this impressive cosplay. 

Costume by Les Artisans d'Azure
Cosplayer: Guillaume Caherec
Pictures by Open Shutter
Boots by Cuir FL
Accessories by Nemesis Workshop
Mask and saber provided by the costumer

Inspiration Sci-fi & Post-Apocalyptic
Sci-fi & Post-Apocalyptic