Kirito - Sword Art Online

This cosplay project was a quick and simple anime reproduction, keeping a minimalist aesthetic to better portray the original design as seen in the anime. Unlike many of our most elaborate custom projects, this cosplay set qualifies as part of our basic Heroic level in terms of details and complexity, the proof that sometimes it's not necessary to go for an intricate design to achieve the desired result.

For Kirito, the piece that was the most important was obviously the coat. We picked a twill cotton fabric and added a black nylon lining. Light gray piping have been used to separate the various pieces that form the coat, adding contrast and texture to this otherwise simple piece of costume. We also added a riveted leather piece under the shoulder, with a metallic patina to give the impression of a rectangular steel plate on the sleeve.

Apart from the coat, we also crafted a Y shaped leather harness in black buffalo leather, with a front piece made of painted vegetable leather with the same metallic finish as the shoulder piece.

Coat and harness by Les Artisans d'Azure
Sword, scabbard, and gloves supplied by the customer
Pictures by Open Shutter

Inspiration Sci-fi & Post-Apocalyptic
Sci-fi & Post-Apocalyptic