Lady Captain Pirate Coat

With this long custom coat, we took the iconic pirate design and brought it to the next level with a luxurious finish and a fashionable cut following and enhancing the figure's curves. Perfect for the most prestigious lady captain, this chocolate brown polyester coat is sturdy and adjusted with a series of button on the front and the sides. The inside of the folds is decorated with an amazing Strasbourg Flora burgundy fabric, which is also used for the inside of the coat. The set also includes a short cloak made of leather stamped with floral patterns, which is removable. The inside of this majestic yet practical coat hides one last trick ; a set of three pockets perfectly fitted to hide pirate secrets in LARP, such as the most precious treasure map. Without a doubt, it is the perfect outfit to rule the seas !

Coat handmade by les Artisans d'Azure
Accessories provided by the custome

Inspiration Pirates & Corsairs
Pirates & Corsairs

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