Nomad Armor

I will never jaded of the song of the steppes. The rustle of grass being caressed by the wind, the endless plains stretching out before the eyes, the shade from the Deer Stones, the warmth of my steed between my legs... The days I spend riding in my family's territory, to hunt and watch over it, are not a chore, but the very essence of freedom itself. I know that in the end, I will return to my yurt to find my wife, kids and parents. My youngest will then fix me with his big black eyes and, while stroking my worn armor, ask me:

''Tell me a story, aav''

So I will relate him my story. I will describe the beauty of thousands of nomadic horsemen charging across the steppes. I will tell him about conquests, battles, honour and glory. I will recount to him the exploits of my Khan and of the victories won with bows and spears. In the end, I will embrace my little son and, whispering in his hair, will say to him :

''One day, it will be your turn, khüü. I will give you my bow and my armor, and you will fight to protect those you love''

Chuluun, son of Naranbataar


This armor was designed for a true warrior of the steppes. Leather brigandine reinforced with rivets, it combines the impressive appearance of a heavy armor while keeping an unbeatable comfort thanks to its modular torso allowing a great mobility. The skirt, also in flexible leather and rigid leather plate, is divided into four panels and adjusts comfortably with suspenders. The superposition of sleeves and pauldrons is particularly impressive. The artificial fur and engraved metal plates add a touch of detail to the whole. The Nomad Armor, combining comfort with great look, has everything to not go unnoticed! All off the armor pieces are removable and adjustable.

Armor by les Artisans d'Azure
Bow by Epic Armoury Unlimited 


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