Ordo Cervi Armors

Made especially for the Ordo Cervi guild from Bicolline, these painted aluminium armors are both light and resilient. Created using aluminium plates riveted onto thick 9-10oz brown leather, they are comfortable and allow great mobility. A female version was crafted with a deeper breastplate, while the male armor included the guild's coat of arms on leather pieces added on the front and right bracer.

The emblem was made of engraved leather, painted by hand to display the Ordo Cervi's stag. An splendid half-cloak was also added to the set, made in the classic gold and green colors of the guild with layers of supple leather, and fixed on the shoulder with one of our leather harness. 

Armors made by les Artisans d'Azure
Weapons made by Nemesis Workshop
Pictures by Lexa One

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