Parchment Dress

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Made to resemble the aged pages of an ancient tome, this exquisite fantasy dress is made of thick canvas and a comfortable under layer of soft fabric. Stained with a brown patina, the dress is also decorated by small elusive handwriting, as if its previous owner ran out of parchment and began scribbling on her body, or used ancient tomes to sew this dress worthy of any scholarly librarian. Luxurious cream coloured lace has been added to the sleeves and the intensely puffy collar for a noble aesthetic and distinguished presentation.

Made to be tight fitted, the dress can be laced at the front and tightened in the back to create an hourglass shape or flatten the figure. The rump is heightened by a tail made of numerous strips of textile, with a shredded look giving the whole outfit a scroungy neglected finish.

Matching the dress are a few leather accessories. A set of intricately decorated bracers and a decorative mask give an ethereal and mystic touch to this costume. This set is a unique and ancient creation, having been tweaked and altered over years to display the skills and craftsmanship of our team in special events.

Dress made by L'Atelier de l'Arbre Mécanique (now Les Artisans d'Azure)
Bracers and mask made by Les Artisans d'Azure


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