Ragnarok's Shaman

This amazing shaman outfit inspired by fantasy viking includes many accessories to give this costume a mystic look, saturated with details and trinkets. The hip belt is made of stamped leather with handmade weaving, as well as a small loincloth made of supple brown and black leather, decorated with the white wolf emblem of the Ragnarok guild. In addition to this belt, the outfit also includes a large woolen hood with weaved borders and decorative sewed leather strips. A small leather bolero decorated with brass crow skulls and more weaving also add to this set, even including warm and elegant removable wool sleeves, black as a raven's wing and doubled with linen for improved comfort. A long vest made of the same material runs on the length of our shaman's figure, decorated with more leather strips. The tunic as been customized to complete the full set, and all the pieces include a used patina to give this shaman outfit its final touch.

Costume by les Artisans d'Azure
Crow's skulls by Creaturre
Pictures by Open Shutter

Druidic Inspiration
Druidic Inspiration