Raven Leader of the Ragnarok

This complete set was designed for J. S. Renaud for the Bicolline LARP. All in detail and weathered, the costume features multiple intricate pieces created to make the character impressive and intimidating. The molded vegetable leather belt is covered with multiple belts and loops of soft leather, wrapped around a handmade central ring and highlighting the tribal accessory that hangs from it and the loincloth with the effigy of the White Wolf of the Ragnarok. A heavy layered skirt, stocked with longs natural hair, adds even more intensity to the costume. It is impossible to miss the raven pauldron with the feathers chosen specifically for the customer, as well as the short cape that is aged and torn voluntarily to accentuate the rough effect of the costume.

Makeup and Costume by les Artisans d'Azure