The Archivist

This set was made for P. Dalphond from the Archivists of Bicolline.

We crafted this long coat from supple red leather with a glossy finish, and golden topstitching. The doubling is made from red and gold brocade (the coat design is inspired from Jaime Lannister's outfit from GOT), with additional black and gold ornamentation. The camisole is made of black linen with embroideries and gold cabochon at the shoulders. The coat is complemented by a Mao collar with black and gold torsades, a godet at the back for extra comfort, and a few small straps with pressure buttons at the shoulders to hold the necklace still. In addition, the outfit also include the red extensible pants with black and red fly, pockets on the sides, red and black cloth for the calves with a gold tread at the knee.

By Nemesis Workshop : splendid 1 ½'' wide belt in blackened vegetable leather, engraved and stamped by hand, with a Templar cross and the Archivists symbol painted in gold. The buckle and its loop are decorated in gold, and the dagger sheet is custom made and woven by hand in black and gold. The dagger itself is custom made with a varnished wood handle and a false rubies in the pommel. 

By Cuir FL : A pair of high heel boots in supple mat leather with top and side decorations made from the same leather as the coat. 

By Isil : Custom made hat in supple red leather, using the same material as the coat as well. 

Makeup and Costume by Les Artisans d'Azure
Dagger and Belt by Les Ateliers Nemesis 
Pictures by Richard Dufault

Inspiration Renaissance

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