The Death Cultist

This sinister necromancer outfit was custom made for a LARP character standing at the head of a undeath cult. An ambitious project, this set includes many pieces of clothing an accessories. The most intricate element is certainly the hooded robe. Sleeveless, this black robe is made from light and ethereal fabric lined with purple and touches of textured Ponte di Roma fabric. The robe's hood is particularly wide and long, and the whole piece is decorated with bands of textile on the borders, which are covered with vinyl printed white runes. Tarnished brass crow skulls and bands of rune covered fabric are used to decorate the shoulders of this upper layer.

Underneath the robe can be seen a custom made long sleeved tunic made of dark fabric. Presenting a high collar and skull shaped buttons on the front and sleeves, this tunic is the elegant base layer that brings this whole set together. Another central piece is the battle skirt and its large leather belt. The belt is decorated with a large raven skull and a laser engraved pentagram, while the skirt of black supple leather lined with purple and decorated with hand painted occult symbols.

The final touch of this outfit comes in the form of the large decorative feathered pauldron. Made of black, green, and purple feathers, this large pauldron is fixed on a leather harness, which is stamped with runic symbols and dyed by hand to fit the color theme of this dark cultist set.

Clothes, belt, and pauldron by les Artisans d'Azure
Mask by Creation Elixir
Pictures by Open Shutter 


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