The Guild Armor - Epic

''The Guild's Assassins : elusive, patient, methodical, deadly, they are without equal on the lucrative market of cold blooded murder. Even the most humble of their acolytes are more than worthy of the title. Surviving the initiation process is already a feat worth of great pride.''

Heroic - Epic - Legendary

The second of our ensemble of set for the Assassin's Guild, this custom made armor is a typical example of our Epic level of custom design for armors. 

Characterized by the use of special leathers, and the addition of dye, patina, engraving and stamping, the Epic level of customized armor involves a great deal of complexity in its design and finish. It provides a truly unique rendering that manages to distinguish itself from more standardized products.

Armor by les Artisans d'Azure

Assassins & Rogues Inspiration
Rogue & Assassin

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