The Guild Armor - Legendary

''The Guild's Assassin : elusive, patient, methodical, deadly. They are without equals on the market of professional murder. Death is their product, and they deliver it with unparalleled quality. The Guild's Master Assassin are the elite of their faction. Never retiring from their assassin vocation, they prove again and again why they deserve their commanding positions : exceptional talent in the art of killing.'' 

Heroic - Epic - Legendary

The final armor from our Assassin's Guild ensemble, this stunning set showcase the amazing level of detail achieved with our typical Legendary level of custom armor design.

This astonishing armor is worthy of a grand-master assassin, and as been meticulously assembled from layered leathers, gold as well as dyed vegetable pieces. The leather is covered by handmade patina, and decorated with engraved patterns and stamping all over, giving it an incredible level of details. You can notice the same design on the hood and the high collar, as well as the bracers and greaves. The whole set has been finished in the inside as well for optimal comfort, the bracers and greaves even being doubled padding.

Armor by les Artisans d'Azure


Assassins & Rogues Inspiration
Rogue & Assassin

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