The Warrior Monk

This custom leather set was designed for a warrior monk character. Including a harness supporting a pair of pauldrons, as well as two combat bracers, this costume was created for a nimble and acrobatic fighter. 

Made of thick brown leather, the pauldrons were decorated with bands of dyed vegetable leather with an impressive studded finish. This intricate level of detail was achieved by tightly packing a large amount of brass plated rivets, a simple but quite effective way to achieve this classic fantasy look. Supported by a leather harness, this set of pauldrons was also enhanced by silver synthetic fur added underneath. 

The bracers are battle ready and achieve I high level of comfort and ergonomics thanks to the adjustable straps and hand sewed leather plate. This large molded piece of dyed vegetable leather also displays a heavily studded finish, and extend into a gauntlet with metal colored leather plates acting as knuckle protectors. 

Harness, pauldrons, and bracers made by les Artisans d'Azure
Handmade belt available in our store 
Pictures by Open Shutter 

Inspiration Asian

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