Veteran Visby Coat of Plates

27th of July, 1361, Island of Gotland

''The troops were gathering on the edges of the city of Visby to face the Danish invaders, unleashed by their king to seize the riches and the land of the prosperous swede town. The enemies were battle-hardened Danes, armed with two-handed axes, crossbows, lances, and swords. The town's militia had more men, but they were ill equipped and unprepared. Only a few of veterans were holding the line among the townsfolk, protected by full sets of coat of plates. Even them would struggle against the Danes heavy infantry and volleys of arrows, but they were determined to resist the invaders and act as bulwarks for their fellow citizens. History would tell us centuries later that their valiance wouldn't ultimately be enough, but their bravery in the face of a far superior force wouldn't be forgotten.''

Inspired by one of the coat of plates found on the Visby battle archaeological site, this armor follows precisely the historical pattern of the time, each plate riveted to maximize comfort and protection for the wearer. Adapted for live action roleplaying, our version of this famous armor uses aluminium plates for a lighter and more comfortable result, without compromising on its overall appearance and decorum. This armor is the perfect alternative to traditional plate armor in LARP for anyone seeking a more modest or humble look. Coat of plates were often the first choice among the more common knights, mercenaries, man-at-arms, and militias from the 14th to the 16th century. 

Pictures by Lexa One Photography
Armor and costume by Les Artisans d'Azure


Inspiration Late Middle Ages
Late Middle Ages

Veteran Visby Coat of Plates Set

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