Viking Armor

Natives of Bear Clan from Odomar, the Horde of Eight Banners had a reputation of being undefeatable. Serene farmers during the summer, they became dangerous berserkers for their annual raids on the neighboring coasts. Strengthened by their ferocity and numbers, they were all dressed in their famous battle armor, which was enchanted by Thor himself; its mere sight brought the enemies into a frenzy of fighting, bringing even more glory to the battles. Lightweight and strong, it is said that no blade could pierce that leather armor, giving the Horde the reputation for immortality it enjoys. Even today, the famous carvings that decorated the leather armor still adorn their graves, Odin having finally accepted them in Valhalla. All those who today contemplate the stone still will feel the thrill of battle...

This Viking inspired complete armor is designed for all lovers of Nordic culture. The delicately engraved vegetable leather adds a touch of delicacy to the solid lines of this armor. The multiple lamellar type scales made of soft leather allows for mobility and exceptional comfort, guaranteeing a full day of raging battles with minimal soreness. The weight of the belt and tassets are effectively separated between the hips and, thanks to thin leather straps, the torso piece itself. The articulated shoulders reinforce the imposing silhouette of the wearer while leaving an exceptional efficiency of movement. All off the armor pieces are removable and adjustable.

Armor by les Artisans d'Azure


Viking Inspiration
Viking Inspiration

Viking Armor Set

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