Viking Wolf King

''Bravery, ferocity, and cunning ; such are the traits of the wolf, and the qualities it bestows on the Wolf King''

This amazing custom armor was made of laser engraved, dyed, and painted vegetable leather. Various Nordic runes, symbols, and knotted patterns decorate the armor and leather accessories, engraved then painted in dark to highlight them even more. Three leather wolf heads, made by Creations Elixir, have also been added on the pauldrons, or fitted to work as a decorative feral helmet. The armor set includes a magnificent torso armor, greaves and knees, bracers, pauldrons, a large combat belt, and tassets. The gambeson skirt was also custom made for this outfit, made of padded supple leather to cover the thighs down to the knees. Last but not least, we made a pair of ornamented full length dyed leather scabbards, perfectly fitted for the King's swords, and decorated with leather straps in crossed patterns. Truly an outfit worthy of a Norse King.

Armor, accessories, and scabbards by les Artisans d'Azure
Wolf heads by Creations Elixir
Swords by Calimacil
Pictures by Open Shutter


Viking Inspiration
Viking Inspiration


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