Zelgius the Black Knight - Fire Emblem

This imposing dark knight armor was custom made for a LARPer, who wanted to bring the Black Knight from Fire Emblem into life during a live action event. Heavily inspired by the iconic character of Zelgius in the games, this thick leather set includes a torso armor, massive pauldrons, tassets, loincloth, long articulated gauntlets with elbows, and of course the intimidating tower like helmet. We also made a long red cape wrapping around the neck to add a touch of crimson color to this overwhelmingly dark outfit.

The leatherwork is made of thick 9-10oz dyed and layered vegetable leather, also painted to create the silver borders that can be seen on every piece. We used as little rivets as possible to create of more streamlined finish, allowing the sharp angles of this armor set to dominate the design. The slits in the helmet allow for easy breathing and harmonize with the pattern on the upper crown, for a result that is both practical and impressive. 

Armor and costume by les Artisans d'Azure