Eva Foam & Thermoformable Materials

LARP Weapons and Cosplay Essential 

Foam is for the LARP weaponsmith what steel is for the medieval armorer. With quality materials and skills, you can create true marvels, from foam swords to latex coated axes and shields. We provide various size and thickness of eva foam in our DIY section for those craftspeople that want to create weapons that are truly their own for LARP or even cosplay.

Evazote Foam

Ateliers Nemesis - Artisan

Starting at $40.25 CAD


Faites-le vous-même

$30.00 CAD $15.00 CAD

Rod and Foam Staff 180cm

Epic Armoury

$72.00 CAD

Soft Foam 50x100x2cm EA

Epic Armoury

$72.00 CAD