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2022 edition

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The next generation of immersive Dark Fantasy experiences is rising in the form of Ascension, a new medieval fantasy LARP game that has had a smashing debut with the community in summer of 2021.


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Brumelance is an organization dedicated to LARP with a emphasis on medieval-fantasy. Since its first edition in the summer of 2015, this event has been recognized for its decorum and professionalism.‏‏‎


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Éklaizia is a LARP that stands out for its player-driven story, for the players, where your character's history and actions are taken into account and have an impact. Created for 16+ years old, the medieval-fantasy activity mixes PvP and PvE

Les Terres de Bélénos

Les Terres de Bélénos is a medieval-fantasy LARP, known as a unique and inescapable game in Quebec.


Fantasy larp inspired by H.P. Lovecraft's universe, "The Call of Cthulhu", and character driven.

Chroniques d'Akéras

Medieval-fantasy LARP in a world of magic, quests and adventures.

Ad Mortem

Immersive dark fantasy LARP with a unique universe, a game system and an interesting difficulty level


LARP full of adventure and emotion with great players and dynamic animation around exciting scenarios.


Cyberpunk and post-apocalyptic LARP located in Centre-du-Québec

Les Terres du Nogard

Medieval-fantasy LARP where the community plays as heroes and journeys through fantasy and adventure.

Les Terres de Galiardim

A medieval LARP created in 2006 in Mariacourt whose team is dedicated to providing an exceptional experience.


A LARP taking inspiration from History and folklore, Avalon insists on immersion and emotions.

Conflits Éternels

A medieval LARP with touches of fantasy and Renaissance, set in the Laurentides region


A fantasy LARP where the details are of great importance, and each participant gets involved in the narrative.

Terra Magica

A medieval fantasy LARP oriented towards action and adventure in a gorgeous setting. The game is always evolving and cooperation is key to succeed.


Medieval-fantasy larp, mainly PvE, focused on character development and personal quests.

Le Royaume

A growing medieval fantasy LARP focused on immersive gameplay, high quality roleplay, and care for aesthetics


A medieval LARP with an hint of dark fantasy, it offers a balanced game created by and for their community

Au Nom du Roi

A geopolitical immersive LARP inspired by the universe of A Song of Ice and Fire and the Game of Thrones series

Le Domaine du Créateur

A bilingual medieval fantasy LARP oriented toward character development and deep storytelling


A medieval LARP focusing on inter family politics and rivalries, with a strong political theme and some fantasy elements


A medieval LARP located on a farmstead, welcoming tourneys and festivals

Projet Claustria

A post-apocalyptic LARP where the players must survive the chaos of an unforgiving world

Arkadia Médiéval

A fantasy LARP with a lot of magic, creatures, and mythic elements. Inspired by the medieval and Renaissance periods


A Vampire The Mascarade parlor LARP, or Live, played inside in a post-apocalyptic setting

Orbis l'Héritage

A high fantasy LARP where each player is at the center of play, with much tragedy and wonders to witness


A futuristic cyberpunk LARP setting the play in a dystopian corporate colony set on a new planet in the 24th century

Seconde Chance

Second Chances is a Victorian-folkloric LARP of criminal gang conflicts with a touch of Lovecraftian horror.

Mellyn en Ennorath

Medieval-fantasy LARP school for young people between the ages of 9 and 17 inclusively.


Fléau is a fantasy larp that will take you on an epic adventure.

Genesis Apocalypse

Genesis Apocalypse is a post-apocalyptic LARP for 16 years old and older inspired by the games like Left 4 Dead.


Be transported into the medieval fantasy world of Solterra, a Quebec larp that will open soon...

La Porte Des Ombres

Inspired by Ravenloft, this fantasy LARP on Les Terres du Muranor will transport you to the Mists.


Purgatoria is a LARP that will immerse you in a dark and realistic world.

DeadRoad Valley

Post-apocalyptic LARP based on realistic survival immersion.


Zaryzad is a medieval fantasy LARP that will immerse you in a weekend adventure.

Terres d'Ondeval

Medieval-fantasy LARP open to players 12 years and older.