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These reinforced scabbard made of rigid ABS tubing covered with leather are created to offer a more authentic and realistic alternative to carry LARP swords, as opposed to the partial and flexible leather scabbards most often seen. They are perfect accessories for injected foam swords such as those from Calimacil and Stronghold brands.

Historical scabbards were generally reinforced with wood or metallic pins under the leather. This light and resistant modern alternative is made to recreate the rigid construction of medieval scabbards, adapted for foam swords. The closed medium and long versions are the best choices for the purpose of realism, while the opened short option offers a more versatile accessory capable of holding a wider variety of swords.

The Man-at-arms scabbards

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Open Scabbard

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Medium scabbard

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Man-at-arms scabbards

This rigid leather-covered scabbards hold your blade with great support and an authentic historical finish.

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