Second Wind

Second Wind Program

The Second Wind program is an initiative from Les Artisans d'Azure that aims to help LARPers transfer their used gear to other players through the in-store buying and selling of second-hand items.

With the renowned sturdiness of our leather creations, items will often find themselves collecting dust long before they are really damaged by use. This program's goal is to keep these items in circulation within the LARP community after they served their purpose with their last user.

For Les Artisans d'Azure, this program goes hand in with our values

Reducing our environmental footprint through reuse

Providing access to low price second-hand products in store

Offering a convenient return policy for used items

Facilitating access to LARP to newer players through affordable gear


The Second Wind program only applies to leather products from Les Artisans d'Azure's home brand. The items must be Standard products, not custom or unique creations, and still be in functional condition. Minor repairs may be needed, but rotten or unusable products will not be bought.

It is important to note that the Second Wind program is only available in store, since our team need to verify the authenticity of any sold item, and it's good condition.

No bill is required, however. We know our products very well and will recognize our hand in their making. It doesn't matter if you bought it used already from a friend, another store, or even from our Second Wind section ; any functional gear made by us will be accepted, from armors to accessories like belts and pouches.

We will exchange your items for store discounts or Gift Cards equaling 25% of their current store value, or using the most recent value we can find for discontinued products. On our side, the products will be resold at least 50% off their original value.

Time to dust off your old LARP gear and come see us in store!