Gift Ideas for LARPers

How to chose a gift for a LARPer?

If you know a LARPer, you may be tempted to pick a LARP gift for your loved one. However, doing so can be confusing for people outside the hobby. Our team of counsellors can provide advice and recommendation if you visit our store, but if you are shopping online and scrolling through long lists of products, we wouldn't be surprise if you have some trouble picking a gift. Luckily for you, we have a few tips to help you make the right choice.

➸ Gifts for new LARPers

What new players need the most is the basic pieces and accessories that would help them gear up for the hobby. As friends and family, you might have little to no idea what kind of character your loved one is playing, or what is the specific look they want to go for at their next event. Luckily for you, some items are almost universally useful, and if you are gifting a new player, they are likely to be in need for most of the essentials.

Here are a few types of items any LARPer needs, and thus make for good gifts for new players.

Basic costume pieces or clothing under layers can also make for great gifts, things like plain medieval tunics and underdresses. These can be used with basically any character and will be useful for your loved one for many events. Small weapons like daggers are also very popular, since they can be carried as a sidearm with many characters, from knights to rogues.

➸ Gifts for veteran LARPers

More experienced LARPers are likely to have already most of the basic accessories and clothes, but may appreciate fancier or custom versions of those belts and pouches every players must have. Obviously, those luxury items and accessories can be more expensive than the basic ones.

If you don't want to go over budget with a gift, another alternative is to buy specialty items that aren't always prioritized by LARPers, but can certainly make a big difference in LARP, may it be to decorate their in game camp or to have a good time at the inn.

Here are a few types of items more experienced LARPers may appreciate.

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