Blackbeard Set

Spread fear over the High Seas as the legendary pirate captain Edward Teach ! 

Directly inspired by Blackbeard from the Black Sails TV series, this amazing custom made set includes two strapped holsters over the torso, a superb belt, and the iconic coat from the most feared scoundrel of the sea.This fantastic pirate coat made of purple polyester is doubled with black and bronze Andrik jacquard and decorated in details with exactly 169 buttons and cabochons with antiquated golden finish, as well as ribbons of false leather stitched around the borders and the button slits. The sleeves lapel are enhanced by a laser cut leather lacework stamped and dyed by hand, and the shoulders are decorated by pieces of supple leather. The belt is made of layered engraved vegetable leather pieces with a silver and bronze patina, as well as a bronze colored false leather pipping. Each of the straps can hold two pistols and cross over the coat, and they are made of thick dyed and aged vegetable leather for an used look.

Belt, holsters, and coat by les Artisans d'Azure
Pistols by Denix
Pictures by Open Shutter Photography


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