Damien the Bodyguard

Already featured in our Von Wong's photoshoot, Damien is a character from the LARP Le Royaume, and can be seen here with his unforgettable hybrid material armor. Inspired by our Outlaw armor as well as the aesthetics of the Witcher 3 game, this set combines leather, gambeson, mail, and plates for a truly unique finish.

The gambeson, custom made in dark blue and forest green cotton fabric, is also decorated with supple brown leather on the edges. Asymmetrical in design, this padded armor also features a high collar and historical brass buckles, assorted with the other armor layers. Matching padded bracers were also made for this set.

The armor set, which includes a pair of removable pauldrons and matching bracers, is composed of a breastplate and an armored corset. Large plates of steel were riveted under thick vegetable leather, sculpted in a way that leaves large holes shaped in intricate patterns, through which the metal shines into the open. Dyed and decorated with a basic texture patina, this leather holds everything together. In some sections of the pauldrons and corset, chainmail was sewed on supple brown leather, which was itself sewed on the thicker structure underneath.

The breastplate is adjusted on the sides with leather laces, and closed on the front with a set of leather straps and gorgeous brass buckles, allowing our self-reliant mercenary to put on his armor without assistance. The same principles apply to the armored corset that supports the back and protects the lower torso.

This amazing set was complemented by a custom made light brown leather belt from our shop, and the impressive Athena Bowie knife produced by our friends at Nemesis Workshops.

Armor, gambeson, and belt by Les Artisans d'Azure
Weapon by Nemesis Workshops
Outdoor sets provided by Le Duché de Bicolline

Pictures by Sylvain Robert

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