The Merc, the Burgher, and the Warlord

Swords, coins, guile, and spells; the tools of war are many, but the rules seldom change.

The Mercenary Bodyguard
Luc Giguère, sales supervisor
An orphan press-ganged into the army, Damien is a survivor with a strong sense of self-preservation. Recently, this warrior turned mercenary found himself in the inner circle of a noble, a close friend that opened up a new dawn on his life, a future beyond mere survival. Now standing by his friend's side as a bodyguard, Damien's fate is tied to the ambitions of the one he considers his adoptive family.

The Burgermeister
Maxime Moulin, creative writer and marketing associate
The Burgermeister is a Lord Mayor, a urban noble ruling over a modest city. When his prosperous town is threatened by pillagers gathering by the city walls, he organized a militia under his command to protect the homes of his citizens, and the artisan trade that is the settlement's air and blood. If he fights from genuine care for his people or from concerns about his tax revenues remains uncertain, but his strong leadership is certainly appreciated in this time of crisis.

The Warlord Cultist
Samuel Gauthier, sales supervisor
Servant of the god of tyranny and blood. this warmongering cleric is leading his army on an unholy rampage, each fallen foe made into a crimson sacrifice to his dark god, or blood cattle to sate his minions' ravenous thirst. Might is right under the rule of his deity, and no mortal as yet come to rival the sheer power offered to the warlord in reward for the lives he took in Alaneas' name. 


This amazing photoshoot was made possible by the generous involvement of Benjamin Von Won, a world renowned artist known for is impactful creative photography. Thank you again for your amazing work!

You can learn more about Benjamin's creations on his artist website :  

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