Troll Warrior

This tribal set inspired by trolls from Warcraft includes two highly detailed custom made leather accessories, a large pauldron held in place by a beautiful harness going across the chest, and a matching combat belt. Both pieces were made of thick dyed and used vegetable leather, medium brown and red hues mixing together for a rich coloration. Both accessories also display braided leather lacing on the edges, providing contrast and texture to the pieces. We handcrafted a set of leather feathers, engraved and dyed by hand, to decorate the set, combining these touches of tribal flare with foam tusks on the belt and large foam horns on the pauldron.

The belt holds a set of sturdy metal rings to carry various items and accessories if need be, and is adjustable with leather laces on the sides. The battle belt opens and closes with snap buttons, making it fast to put on and remove when needed. For the pauldron, this desire for comfort and practicality made us add some rabbit fur to the set, also improving this costume's general tribal look.

Pauldron, harness, and belt by Les Artisans d'Azure
Foam horn by Calimacil

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