Hobbit Party

The small folks know how to feast and celebrate, that is well known. What the halflings may lack in stature is often compensated by their bombastic enthusiasm and big personalities.

An Adventurous Bard
Mélanie Poirier, marketing coordinator

When most hobbit youth prefer to remain warm and cozy at home under a hill, the wanderlust of this courageous halfling turned her into an adventurer. Braver than she is wise, she throws herself into countless adventures to inspire her songs, stories, and ballads with tales of exploration, battles, and lucky escapes. She is no pushover in a fight, at least for a small folk, and she is certainly never the first to retreat in the face of danger.

A Merry Bonny Lass
Néomie Clarke-Jacques, craftwoman

For every adventurous halfling, there are many humble folks that would ratter sip small beer in the sun, watching the plant grows and listening to the birds singing. The country life isn't without some action though, for no one parties harder or with less worries than the lucky folks living in hobbit country. This young lass is somewhat of a local celebrity in her village, outdoing the others in the festive department. Maybe she is trying to impress her adventuring cousin? 


This amazing photoshoot was made possible by the generous involvement of Benjamin Von Won, a world renowned artist known for is impactful creative photography. Thank you again for your amazing work!

You can learn more about Benjamin's creations on his artist website : https://www.vonwong.com/ 

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