Myths and Wonders

Rising from ancient tales and fables, the characters and creatures of our legends and folklore are precious cultural treasures, bringing joy and whimsy to our hearths.

The North Father
Raymond Bibeau, craftsman

Father Christmas, Mr. Claus, or simply Santa, this mythological being comes from the True North each year with gifts and joy to spare. An ancient and magical man, he changed name over the ages, but has been around for time immemorial. When Christendom was still young in Scandinavia, antique traditions merged with the new, and he too found himself at a crossroad. Sometimes, he can be seen in his attire of old, as he is indeed a Norseman, a gentle hearten one.

The Wandering Fey
Stephanie Magnan, seamstress & craftswoman

Cursed by insatiable curiosity and wanderlust, this mischievous fey escaped the otherworld to seek adventure and laughter in the mortal world. Adorning a glimmering attire of spell-woven ethereal textile and dragon leather, she tricked countless humans with her guile and cunning, sometimes fleeing their anger with a crystalline laughter, or rewarding the unfortunate souls with a spell or magical gift for their trouble.


This amazing photoshoot was made possible by the generous involvement of Benjamin Von Wong, a world renowned artist known for is impactful creative photography. Thank you again for your amazing work!

You can learn more about Benjamin's creations on his artist website :  


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