The Librarian & The Lady

The Librarian
Sabrine Gosselin, saleswoman

Among the scholars of the Great College, the librarian may appear like a mediocre posting, easy to overlook among the great professors and praised scholars in office in the towering institution. Yet, all those who know well the entrails of this high place of knowledge are all too aware that she is not to be underestimated. How many pedantic experts were humbled by her knowledge of the most obscures subjects? After all, she is the only one with unlimited access to the College's epic library.

The Lady
Léanne Desmarais, craftwoman, seamstress, pattern maker

Lady Hemme Eilika Schweinfurt Von Nurnberg is a German member of the bourgeoisie, granted a symbolic title of the low gentry as an acknowledgement of her status in her local community. Like any fashion sensitive lady of the 14th century, Hemme finds herself calling on foreign influences as part of her attire, in this case a very English look. Her cottehardie styled dress with tippet at the sleeves is iconic of the period, but she certainly manages to elevate this classic garment to a new level.


This amazing photoshoot was made possible by the generous involvement of Benjamin Von Wong, a world renowned artist known for is impactful creative photography.

Thank you again for your amazing work!

You can learn more about Benjamin's creations on his artist website :  

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