Dark Elf Armor

''Ecstatic chaos was spreading around the city streets while the slave-soldiers stormed the underground mansion, dragging disgraced nobles and their servants in the open to be beaten and humiliated. Kelazan was taking a sadistic pleasure while executing his matron's orders, house Sepsebris's arrogance had been triggering murderous intents in his twisted mind for decades. Protected by his hybrid leather and chitin armor, the drow captain was barely scratched during the assault. This was a disappointment for the dark elf warrior, that was fuelled both by the pain he inflicted as well as the one he received. Slowly reloading his crossbow, Kelazan prepared himself to finish his mission, his crimson eyes locked on the three Sepsebris survivors that had just been dragged at his feet. What a coincidence, he had precisely three bolts left...''

Made of dyed vegetable leather cut with complex swirl patterns, this fantastic armor presents a purple coloration as unique as it is sinister. Reinforced by thick black leather, this sturdy armor is also flexible and protects both the torso and the back. It also includes matching pauldrons and tassets, giving an even more impressive and elegant appearance to the wearer. It is the perfect set for any dark elf, mindflayer, illithid, shadow warrior, or dark cultist in LARP.

Armor by les Artisans d'Azure 

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Dark Elf Armor by les Artisans d'Azure

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