Vampire Coat

This impressive long leather coat made of supple purple and black leather has been meticulously decorated with engraved leather inserts, stamped by hand and laser engraved for a very detailed aspect. Additionally, each piece has been dyed in black and covered with a silver patina to add depth and complexity to the coat's color scheme. Doubled with purple satin, the coat also presents a serie of decorative buttons going from the collar to the bottom of the piece, as well as a decorative flap on the upper arms. This set is completed by a vest made of false-padded fabric, black leather and purple cloth.The vest can be adjusted on the back to give a form-fitting look that fits perfectly the dark elegant aspect of this costume. Made for a vampire character, this set is the perfect outfit for any sophisticated character that hides a sinister nature. 

Costume and Makeup by les Artisans d'Azure
Pictures by Karim Photography


Dark Magic Inspiration
Dark Magic Inspiration

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