Dark Scoundrel

Stalking in the shadows with ill intents, this dangerous rogue preys on travellers and civilians, willing to go to any length to feed his greed and his thirst for violence.

This dark rogue outfit is intended for LARP, and is nothing more than a creative assemblage of standard products that can be found in our store. In many case, all that is needed to create and interesting and evocative character set is to find the right clothes and accessories, making it possible to assemble a unique outfit on a whim, or even at the last minute.

This set includes our well known scoundrel armor, the distinctive hood and dark leather option providing the perfect look for a cutthroat bandit. If the armor proves superfluous, one of our hunter's leather hood can easily be picked instead for a similarly fitting result. This bloodthirsty and aggressive character also wears a norse tunic from Armstreet under the leather breastplate, the bright red borders and dragon patterns hinting once more to the dark aspect of this character, and his ambitions. For his weapons, Nemesis Workshop's curved dagger follows the black and red color theme, and presents a sinister aesthetic fitting the character's suspicious deeds. Paired with a Calimacil single handed sword, this dark scoundrel is a more than serious threat on the road and dark alleys.

Armor and hood by Les Artisans d'Azure
Dagger by Nemesis Workshop
Sword by Calimacil
Tunic by Armstreet


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Dark Scoundrel Outfit

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