Destroyer Armor

Molok the Destroyer and his warriors have always spread terror among their opponents. Barely born, he was thrown into a pit filled with hungry wolves, and only once he had killed them all one after the other was he deemed worthy to be the heir of the Skulleater chiefdom. It is said he only eats the hearts of his victims, which would explain his countless victims. The Destroyer is so powerful that a single strike is enough to penetrate the armor of his enemies. His armor, forged in the heart of the Mountain of One Hundred Fires, and enchanted by the greatest of the orc shamans, is so strong that no attack can pierce his leather and metal pieces. His own father would have given the strength of his last breath to protect his son in battle, and legends tell that his spirit is always embodied in the armor, promising agonizing pain to anyone who would dare to attack the leader of the Skulleaters.

This full armor was designed for a true barbarian warrior. With molded vegetable leather and plated metal, each piece is carefully worn out by hand, which gives its wearer the look of one who has experienced too many violent battles. Completely modular, it is possible to choose several type of bracers, pauldrons and sleeves to customize the set. Because of the handmade aging effect, each piece is unique from one series to another. The lower torso is made of thinner leather to allow better flexibility and comfort. The pauldron's spikes and helmet's horns are in Calimacil foam and perfectly safe. The arrangement of rigid tassets plated metal and the soft leather loincloth don't embarrass the movement. The helmet is adjusted on the back for comfort and covers the neck with soft leather, to avoid having to put on makeup. The Destroyer Armor, fully customization, has everything to make its bearer the most impressive and ferocious of all barbarians!

Armor & makeup by Les Artisans d'Azure 
Weapon by Nemesis Workshop
Mask by Epic Armoury Unlimited 

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Destroyer Armor Set

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