Elven Magitek

Entranced by magic in all its forms, this elf has explored numerous ways in which to understand the occult. First mastering the arts of ancestral elven magic, he dabbled in the study of alchemy and engineering, pioneering a new path of innovative magitek and technomancy. Over the centuries of his lifespan, the unpredictability and inherent dangers of these experiments have left his body scarred. Nevertheless, whenever danger arises that threatens what he holds dear, the elven mage will take up arms against it, be it steel or spell.

This stunning set features amazing steampunk and arcane themed leather pieces from Isil, such as the pauldron and bracer. It also displays the Wizard's sword from Nemesis Workshop, a fantasy longsword more than fitting for such a character, especially paired with the matching elven knife.

However, the largest piece in this set is probably the custom made asymmetrical frock coat we designed for this Bicolline elf general. Made of light grey wool and anthracite linen, it has a complex design with multiple cut panels and luxurious blue lining in floral textile. With stunning silver buttons and a well fitted cut, the coat is also decorated with white, silver, and blue arabesques on the back and the tail. A matching vest was also made to provide an under layer.

Coat, makeup, and vest by Les Artisans d'Azure
Sword and knife by Nemesis Worskshop
Pauldron and bracer by Isil
Pictures by Sylvain Robert


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