The Death Ruby

''The quickest way to a man's hearth is through his back''

With acute blades and an even sharper mind, this crimson haired beauty is one of the most efficient killer for hire to work the assassin trade. She mastered infiltration, toxicology, and anatomy, delivering death with poison or steel with a cold and calculated efficiency. When off the job, she is a surprisingly relaxed and carefree individual, and could easily be mistaken for a petty criminal or a simple scoundrel with a slight gambling addiction. Truth is that she knows too well how quickly a life spark can be vanished from this world, and she enjoys every fleeting moment like it was her last.

This gorgeous LARP character was inspired by the iconic assassin trope from medieval fantasy. She was featured as part of the official launch for the Athena weapons from Nemesis Workshop. The Death Ruby can be seen here armed with many amazing latex daggers and knives such as the Ritual Knife and the Ranger Knife. The pictures were taken on site at the Duchy of Bicolline during winter.

Cloak makeup, and vest by Les Artisans d'Azure
Daggers and knifes by Nemesis Worskshop
Pictures by Sylvain Robert


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