The Griffin Fury

This mighty fantasy full armored set was created for a fierce warrior from the Griffin guild in Bicolline. Known as the Fury, this leather clad fighter wears incredibly detailed combat gear, custom made to provide a true legendary look to one of the fiercest warriors on the battlefield.
At the center of this imposing set thrones the chest piece. Made of dyed vegetable leather, this armor supports the flashier pieces around it, but is far from being plain. Large pieces are dyed with a rich chocolate brown and an heavy mix of stamping and patina, presenting a more classic leather armor look to help the contrasting panels pop even more. Those green dyed leather pieces are heavily decorated with runes, which have been laser engraved in the material for sharp and highly contrasted outlines. Latex foam horns are also affixed to the front for an amazing tribal flare worth of a barbarian or monster hunter.
Affixed on top of the chest piece, the pauldron are impressive and bulky in classic fantasy fashion, but without being so large they would hinder combat effectiveness. Asymmetrical in design, the pauldrons use the same finish and dye as the chest armor's brown pieces, but are also decorated with extra details. Plastic dipped foam pikes decorate the left pauldron in a safe but dangerous looking array of jagged protrusions, while fur give the edge of the piece more volume and texture. The other pauldron has large latex coated horns strapped on it, like a roughly assembled composite armor of bones and leather, and displays many slashes and cuts from previous battles.
The helmet, decorated to resemble an hungry maw surrounding the face, supports similar horns on its sides.The helmet is made of a composite structure of dyed leather with the top in golden aluminum, making it a light yet rigid combat ready headgear perfect for the rigours of Bicolline's melee. The top part of the helmet is also enhanced by a thick mane of braids going down its back.
One of the most of impressive part of this outfit is the large combat belt and armored tassets worn down the hips. Matching the contrasted colors of the chest piece, the belt displays a large circular Icelandic symbol, the Helm of Awe from Norse mythology. The form is engraved with laser and set on pale virgin leather for maximum contrast. Dangling for the belt, braids of beige and green colored textile also add texture and increase the savage, rugged style of this outfit. Furthermore, on the tassets, the rich brown leather plaques have the extra touch of a painted brass border, a call back to the color used with the set's rivets and various metal pieces.
To complete this intricate armor set, matching bracers and greaves were hand crafted to protect the limbs. These display many of the same decorations that are seen on the rest of the set, from engraved runes, to patina, to foam horns and pikes, as well as fur edges. This leaves our Fury fully equipped to wreck havoc on the battlefield.

Armor set by Les Artisans d'Azure
Axe and seax by Nemesis Workshop
Dreadlocks by Gorgone
Pictures by Sylvain Robert

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