The Rugged Vagabond

This LARP leather armor was custom-made based on the looks of Geralt's armor in the Netflix adaptation of the Witcher. The unique texture and design of this armor, pauldron, and bracer set was achieved by affixing supple black leather on top of a thick leather under-layer. Countless rivets have been used to both hold the layers together and give this armor the iconic 'studded leather' look made popular by fantasy games and other medias.

The pauldrons are assembled with three pieces going down the arm for maximum protection, and match the breastplate and bracers in finish and construction. To complete the set, we also made a custom yet simple 'Y' shaped harness, as well as a  leather belt to carry the adventuring gear of this hardened adventurer.

In this photo shoot, the character wields latex weapons from Nemesis' Athena line:  the Soldier Sword and the Ranger Knife, featuring these high quality products with a matching character. The gambeson  that is worn under the armor, as well as the simple belt and giant pouch, also add a lot to the outfit, and can be found in our store as a ready-to-wear item.

Armor by Les Artisans d'Azure
Sword and dagger by Nemesis Workshop
Pictures by Sylvain Robert
Location: Duchy of Bicolline

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