The Battlefield Veteran

This rugged fantasy armor was designed as a prototype for the Marchwardens Bicolline guild. This LARP battlefield armor includes a composite design combining thick and sturdy leather with aluminum plates, providing full body protection and a battle hardened look thanks to the unique patina applied on the metal.

This armor truly looks like it went through a trial by fire, with a finish evoking soot and smoke. It includes a pair of greaves with mounted sabatons, as well as half-gauntlets, bracers, elbow guards, pauldrons, and tassets, on top of the large breastplate and stoic helmet. A custom gorgeret was also crafted for this project, with the guild's heraldic displayed on the front.

This whole armor set is a cooperative project between Les Artisans d'Azure and Marco Laverdure, a local armor smith well known in the Quebec LARP community.

Also visible in this photoshoot are the Noble's Dagger and Weapons Master's Sword, which are part of the Athena line from Nemesis Workshop. These pictures were taken as part of the launch.

Special thanks to Gilles Desmarais, our model, who generously made himself available to bring this veteran warrior to life.

Armor by Les Artisans d'Azure and Marco Laverdure
Sword and dagger by Nemesis Workshop
Pictures by Sylvain Robert
Location: Duchy of Bicolline

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