The Red Sparrow

There is no adventurer more daring, fencer more skilled, or swashbuckler more charismatic than the dashing sellsword known as the Red Sparrow. Dressed with the softest fabrics and wielding the sharpest steel, he fights for fame, love, and wealth, but a bit of hubris is justified when you are as amazing as he is.

This amazing LARP character was inspired by classic cloak-and-dagger fantasy, taking from the archetype of the duelist, and wielding the Musketeer sword and dagger from the Nemesis' Athena range of latex weapon paired with their scabbards, specifically designed for these blades. The costume is made from a combination of clothing and accessories available in our store or on our website such as this elegant dark pirate coat contrasted with a multipurpose white shirt. This ensemble wouldn't be complete without a scarlet historical belt,  a Quebec-made musketeer hat, our Assassin's leather half-cape and our popular harness in Y.

Sword, scabbards, and dagger by Nemesis Workshop
Pirate coat by Leonardo Carbone
Pictures by Sylvain Robert
Location: Duchy of Bicolline

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Red Sparrow

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