Wild Elf Sentry

This wild elf character concept was designed around the theme of a tribal woodland huntress living in an isolated hunter-gatherer community. She is a scout and border warden for the tribe, protecting the thresholds of their forest from outside invaders and defilers.

This costume was created by combining recycled materials, light clothes, and low-cost leather accessories. Fleur Cosplay crafted the headpiece and clothing, and used a design from Les Artisans d'Azure for the belt, while the bustier was a unique store item created by our artisans from leather scraps.

It's a great example of how you can achieve a very strong visual identity for a character without necessarily investing in a very ambitious costume. Sometimes, less is more, especially when some DIY crafting is involved.

Clothes and head piece by Floeur Cosplay
Bustier and belt design by Les Artisans d'Azure
Dreadlocks by Gorgone Coiffure
Bow by Epic Armoury
Dagger by Calimacil
Pictures by Dragonlance Photography

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Wild Elf

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