Night Elf Priestess

This spectacular costume from Fleur Cosplay was created using only standard products that can be found at our store, without any crafting or customization needed. To give life to this original character from the universe of World of Warcraft, all that was needed was a clever combination of clothes and accessories.

In this set, you can notice our scoundrel vest worn over a green dress from Armstreet. To give this priestess a more martial edge, she also put on an armor corset made of thick leather, with pauldrons attached. A battle skirt worn around the waist adds more leather and brown tones to the set, another product that is a perfect fit for a wood elf type character.

From there, all we needed was to throw in some accessories for good measure, like a cow jaw bone, one of our big pouches, small leather bracers we had on sales at that time, and a nice big quarterstaff from Nemesis.

This a great outfit for an elven priestess, druidess, prophetess, sylvan monk, or any mystic forest dweller in LARP or other fantasy events.

Armor, bracers, pouch, and skirt by Les Artisans d'Azure
Model and makeup by Fleur Cosplay
Weapon by Nemesis Workshop
Pictures by Felix Dugal Tremblay

Druidic Inspiration
Druidic Inspiration

Night Elf Priestess

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