Cat and Wolf The Witcher Armors

This incredible project was made a possibility by our partners at Calimacil, for their trip in Italy while they were out to meet the team behind The Witcher! As their official supplier of The Witcher 3 foam replica swords, they wanted to have complete costumes to accompany the leather scabbards we made in partnership with them. And the Artisans d'Azure were ready to meet this challenge, by creating this costumes, accessories and armors for this pair as well as follow them in thoughts on their adventure.

Cat School Armor

This master version from The Witcher 3 game is made of a savant layering of multiple pieces, armors and clothing inspired from the video game. The base is composed of a linen shirt crossed under a short chainmail shirt and a beautiful two color pair of pants, in dark blue twill and coffee colored genuine leather. Decorative strips in a darker shade of suede and a supple leather fly were added to add a finishing touch to the pants. The main armor, nicely asymmetrical, is made of thick vegetable leather covered in a more supply night bleu leather. A large supple collar in sand color and molded pauldrons complete this chest piece for which the borders were hand-stitched and the surface was covered in decorative rivets. We can't miss the beautiful bracers in molded cognac-colored leather, enhanced with steel plates and decorative sewn straps. The unique knee cops stand out with the alternation of the cognac textured leather and the darker leather, which the greave and foot-cover part hides the boots (while still protecting them with metal plates!). The set is accompanied by hand-made accessories: a thick leather belt covered in molded metal-finish plastic conchos, a practical pouch in faded red leather hand-stitched, and an adapted leather harness for both of the The Witcher scabbards. An ingenuity challenge proudly met to make this outfit identical to the original character (for a perfect cosplay) while still being solid enough for Samuel to go LARPing with it (and dodge roll infinitely)! 

Wolf School Armor

This superior version, also from the third video game of the series, was crafted with as much attention to details and respect to the original costume from The Witcher. Also made of linen shirt and two-color pants, the latter sport a pretty olive colored wool and chocolate supply leather, enhanced with a scarlet ribbon and zigzag hand-stitched seams. A discrete vest with a mao collar can be seen under the masterpiece that is the brightly colored gambson in marine and red canvas, reinforced with chainmail at the shoulders and a bias of supple leather. A pauldron in vegetable leather covered with supple leather decorates the left shoulder. The hands are protected by reinforced leather gloves, accompanied by leather bracers with a hand-made border. The set becomes complete with the steel knee cops modified with leather and red ribbons, the supple boot covers with metal plate, the bouch sewn with a contrasting seam and, obviously, our two The Witcher scabbards en molded leather. Another magnificent and durable costume, with which Patrick was able to slay monsters and vile creatures alike!

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