La Quest Armors

These two armor pieces were designed for our incredible adventure in Germany in 2019. Our two directors, Anne-Marie and Samuel, wanted to showcase the know-how of our artisans and of our partners by creating this custom-made set. The main inspiration is The Witcher game, with a fantastic and original touch for LARP!

The story of La Quest, it's here!

These two armors are undoubtedly among the most beautiful armors ever designed by Les Artisans d'Azure. The navy gambesons with golden threads and buttons are embellished with braiding and leather laces. The armor pieces are carefully molded, sewn and dyed, bringing out the natural grain of the leather or, in the case of the laser engraved sections, the exceptional finish of our computer-made designs. Helms, hoods, battle skirts and tunics will be worn every day when they need to be medieval style, proudly displaying our company's colors: ocher and navy! And with, of course, the two personalized weapons provided by our partners Calimacil and Nemesis!

Inspiration Warriors & Mercenaries
Warriors & Mercenaries

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