Lost Tower's Archmage

Behold the Lost Tower's Archmage, a shadowy, eccentric, and properly fabulous wizard from Bicolline. Custom ordered by an enthusiastic player, this intricate sorcerer set includes many pieces layered for an astonishing result. The short coat works as the obvious centerpiece of this mastercrafted ensemble. Made of black and navy Damas with punctures that leave the violet satin under-layer exposed, it is decorated with luxurious buttons topped with false diamonds. The coat is asymmetrical and includes a short shoulder cloak on the right side, ornamented with vinyl printed silver patterns. Hard to miss, the coat also supports an extensive frilled collar on the left side. The sleeves are divided in two sections, with the forearm in violet satin and the upper arm with added volume. A satin scarf, violet in color, protects the neck, held in place by a silver brooch.

The combat skirt is the second largest piece of clothing, made as a semi circular violet satin base covered with height panels of black and silver damas textile. All of these panels are enhanced with violet ribbons and shiny silver highlights in vinyl. The cinched part at the waist is very wide and whaled to provide structure and support to the midsection. It can be adjusted with eyelets and ribbons on the front.

Apart from the clothes, this set also includes a few armor pieces worthy of a battlemage. Made of vegetable leather, dyed in violet black and molded to the shape, the armor is composed of a pauldron, a bracer, and a clawed gauntlet. The pieces display decorative billowed holes in a pattern that reminds of the silver prints on the skirt and cloak, and have false gems inserts for an aesthetic midway between armor and jewelry. A crown was made with similar leather-work, but also supports a decorative violet satin panel that cascades on the side of the head.

Costume and makeup by Les Artisans d'Azure
Staff by Epic Armoury
Sword by Calimacil

Pictures by Open Shutter

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Dark Magic Inspiration

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