Severus Snape Cosplay - Harry Potter

This majestic cosplay of Hogwarts' most controversial teacher was made following the costume design as seen in the Harry Potter movie franchise. This tenebrous and severe sorcerer is easily recognized by his black robes, which are at the centrepiece of this set. Made of black polyester with opened sleeves at the elbows and a puckered back for a more ample appearance, this long robe is complemented by a matching tunic. This long body shirt was cleverly created with a few details that mimic a much more layered outfit, with hints on white at the collar and sleeves that create the illusion of an under layer. Going down to mid-thighs, the tunic is made of black stretchy knit fabric with a high collar and a long buttonhole with textile made buttons.

Costume and makeup by Les Artisans d'Azure
Pictures by Open Shutter

Dark Magic Inspiration
Dark Magic Inspiration

Severe Sorcerer

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