White Howler Priestess

This is the second outfit we designed for this enthusiastic Bicolline player from the White Howler guild. This time, the costume present a more formal appearance, worthy of a priestess, instead of the battle shaman look we used to create for this character. At the center of this project, a thick linen dress with a long sleeves and a V collar. Made of cream white fabric, this particular piece includes semi-glove sleeves, with a hole that allows to slip the thumb in. The dress also presents grey shading on the extremities, the dye gradient adding subtle details to this long flowing piece.

In addition to the dress, our team also designed a white cotton corset-belt with white vinyl prints displaying a cracked pattern. This belt is adjustable at the front and the back with ribbons of pearl white satin. In addition to this piece, we also crafted a custom made pouch inspired by our Assassin pouch. It is made with a combination of highly stamped and sandblasted vegetable leather, stitched with panels of white supple leather. An antique gold raven skull button was added as decoration. Finally, we made a short cloak in Mongolian sheep wool, the soft and flowing material covering the shoulders and being held in place with a subtle attachment in the front.

Dress, corset-belt, pouch, and shoulder cloak by Les Artisans d'Azure
Mask by Bueshang's Creations
Belts provided by the client
Raven skull button by Creaturre
Pictures by Open Shutter

Divine Inspiration
Divine Inspiration

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