Warsworn Fighter

This hybrid LARP armor project was custom created from modified standards products from our shop, combining a patchwork of styles that come in harmony thanks to a uniform finish of dye and patina. Designed for LARP combat, this unique set was made using vegetable leather, dyed in chocolate brown and sandblasted for a rugged finish. To this rigid base was added plates of brass painted aluminum to create a light and mobile armor for a swift-footed warrior.

The chest piece is based upon our war vest leather armor, while the pauldron uses the design from our ancient conqueror armor. Underneath, there is a short shoulder cloak inspired by our barbarian set. The custom-made helmet was created using our Chaos helmet face design, but with metal, while the greaves are made from our war set, but with the knees of our samurai armor! We really got creative combining pieces for this set. The bracers are fully custom-made and use the same material and finish we added on all the other pieces.

With numerous belts, a Y shaped leather harness going across the chest, and plenty of small leather accessories such as scabbards and pouches, this set really gives a rugged and battle-ready feeling, which was always the end goal of this project. This armor wasn't created in one go, but through many small increments until its completion, a challenging method that still paid off in the end.

Armor and accessories made by Les Artisans d'Azure
Greatsword by Calimacil
Mace by Nemesis

Pictures by Open Shutter

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