Vinier's Patriarchs

Custom created for Bicolline's Vinier guild, these two glorious costumes inspired by the Late Middle Ages suit this respected power couple, both carrying the dignified title of Patriarchs. 

For the lady, the center piece of her costume is without a doubt the glorious burgundy dress made of stretch textile. Built with a subtle angle to it, with the front being slightly shorter than the back, this dress is adjustable on the sides with burgundy lacings, and present a medieval rounded collar. Cream and beige floral embroideries are visible around the shoulders, while we added gold and cream Damas decoration around the wrists for contrast and complexity. Decorative ribbons have also been sewed on the sleeves at the jonction between the two fabrics. To complement the dress, we also created a long cloth belt made of gold and beige Damas, lined in red Jacquard. This belt also suit the skirt we created for this outfit, the simple flowing linen piece being mostly beige in color, with a wide band of the same Damas fabric added at the bottom.

For the gentleman, the 14th century styled costume wouldn't be so authentic without the gorgeous cotehardie acting as its central piece. Similar to a long and thick narrow cut shirt, this classic medieval clothing was made with a textured burgundy textile, providing a subtle mosaic pattern to the whole piece. Lined in beige and gold Damas for a stark contrast with the exterior, this custom made marvel displays a gorgeous set of antique gold buttons on the front and sleeves. Said sleeves are ample around the upper arms, but change for a more adjusted fit at the forearms, with a small golden ribbon added for decoration. The same ribbon is present at the collar. This cotehardie was also created with box pleats on the back to allow optimal mobility and ease of motion. To complete this splendid costume, we also created custom gaiters, or leg wraps, made of burgundy wool. We also commissioned our partner from Création Sydéral to create a fabulous late medieval hat, with a glorious marine padded circle and hanging burgundy wool wrapped around the head.

Both Patriarchs wear a matched set of custom crafted leather belts, decorated with laser engravings, antique brown and sand dye, and a beige seam around the edges. 

Costumes by Les Artisans d'Azure
Hat by Création Sydéral
Pictures by Open Shutter 

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Late Middle Ages

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