Wood Elf Metamorph

Made for the character behind Bicolline's famous treeman knight, this elf outfit was created by modifying standard fantasy clothing from our supplier Burgschneider, and adding a few custom made accessories to bring the concept to life. Two layered tunics represent the core of the outfit, and those were improved by adding decorative ribbons on the bottom and around the sleeves, silver and gold patterns providing contrast and detail to the already high quality clothes that were modified. The brown tunic was also improved by adding leather straps with golden buckles to keep it closed over the under layer.

Raw silk was used to sew a wrapped belt and an elven collar. On one shoulder thrones an impressive leather pauldron, dyed in light brown and decorated with white strained feathers and a long flowing scarf of white and turquoise textile. The pauldron is held in place by a leather strap going across the chest, which is decorated with a large antique gold buckle at its centre.The gloves are made of white fabric, with a green patina matching the scarf, and decorated with some feathers as a callback to the pauldron. Finally, arguably to most eye catching part of the set, we made a custom elven coif using dyed and engraved leather. Inspired by elf antlers and sylvan aesthetics, this light helmet is decorated with a small metal diadem, as well as long flowing dreadlocks of light blue and white colours.

Pauldron, gloves, scarf, and helmet by Les Artisans d'Azure
Dreadlocks by Gorgone
Base tunics by Burgschneider
Pictures by Open Shutter


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