Necromancer Armor

''They used to take me for a fool. I once called upon my ancestors and the dead ghost spirits to read fortunes. It bothered the others, these superstitious idiots, so I was cast away from my village by the elders and their minions. But now, poor mortals, I will finally get my revenge. Now, I do more than just communicate with the dead; I control them. Fear me, because I lead the corpses, and I raised an army from the grave to punish those who humiliated me.''

This dark leather armor is robust and adjustable. Designed to remind and enhance the shape of the ribcage, this piece offers great mobility around the waist while protecting the back and torso. With its massive pauldrons and belt decorated with molded skulls, this piece gives its wearer a massive and intimidating appearance. This sinister armor will suit perfectly any undead warrior, necromancer or dark cultist character in LARP.

Armor made by les Artisans d'Azure 


Dark Magic Inspiration
Dark Magic Inspiration

Necromancer Armor by les Artisans d'Azure

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